ABA Therapy

ABA works by using behavioral principles to increase or decrease behaviors by changing the events before and after the behavior. Using data-based decision-making ensures effective programming. ABA can cover a wide range of skills from language to self-help to social skills.


Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy focuses on both the production (speech) and use (language) of communication. Therapy may focus on exercises to strengthen oral motor skills and/or activities to understand and use language concepts.


Do you hear me?

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy works to strengthen the brain-muscle connection involved in completing everyday tasks such as self-help skills, handwriting, and more. OT may also integrate sensory activities to assist children in processing the world around them more effectively.

Social skills are a crucial life skill for all individuals. At the early ages, social skills focus on awareness of others around you, functional play, and parallel play skills. The next stage focuses on interactive play, communication of basic needs with peers, and shared imaginative play. As children’s language skills advances, the focuses shifts to understand conversational skills, non-verbal communication, and being part of a fluid group. First Leap offers both group therapy services and social pairings. Please read more here.
Parent training and involvement is an integral piece of any successful home program. For individuals with behavioral needs, consistency across people and environments can lead to a faster rate of success. Parent training is customized based on a family’s individual needs and abilities. Parents will set their own goals for their interactions with their child and training will focus on those goals. Parent training may involve lecture and workbook exercises, troubleshooting, role playing, modeling of skills with the child, coaching, and more.
Do you need help deciphering reports and proposed IEP goals from your child’s school? First Leap can help you prepare for a variety of school meetings and attend the meetings to assist you in advocating for your child.

Why Choose Us

      • A collaborative and behavioral-based team approached creates the optimal learning environment
      • Programs designed to meet your child’s individuals needs and your family’s needs
      • We aim to be your child’s biggest reinforcer during therapy time. As we say, “We are the M&M!”
      • Highly qualified staff receive ongoing training both on therapy skills and your child’s specific program
      • Transparency and strong data collection allow you to feel confident in your child’s program
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